Buying a property which doesn’t yet exist is not for the faint-hearted, our investors have reaped the rewards for their bravery.

The concept is to buy a property off plan at a discounted price based on our bulk purchasing strategy, either sell before completion or when the development is completed in 12-18 months later then rent the property to more than cover the mortgage and the out goings and reap the capital growth.

A lot of our investors are using property as their pension plan and creating wealth for retirement or for their the families future. Property in the United Kingdom has doubled every 7 years for the last 50 years and in some areas we have seen accelerated growth.

Buying from the right developer in the right area at the right time and at the right price takes full time research a great track record and careful negotiation.  Our developments can take up to 2 years to build and deliver and have sometimes taken many years working through the planning process.

We offer our investors an end to end solution providing pre sales consultancy, a financial, legal and efficient tax platform as well as an interior design and a block rental management service when the property completes.  We don’t just stop there we can manage the sale of the property when our investors are looking to reinvest or reap the benefit of their decision

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